Experiencing a minor surgery – Part 2 *

So after coming back from the hospital and letting two days pass, I wrote a formal feedback to the clinic about our experience – the positives and the negatives. I sent it via Email to the chief physician who operated on me.
Within 90 minutes I got a call personally from him (quite a rare thing for a busy surgeon, who is the head of the entire gynaec division of a well known hospital). He was very thankful to get the written feedback since, as he said, that is something that rarely happens – people complain but never put something in writing so he can’t do much about it. He was very happy with the way we had put it – factual, with the positives and negatives. He will personally ensure that there is a follow-up and that the nurse gets feedback about her behaviour. He also apologised on behalf of the clinic for what I went through, it is not what he would want any of his patients to go through.
And he also told me that the results from the pathology department were there, my growth was benign.
Thank you everyone who encouraged me to address the issue with the clinic.
And now I have to check on my puppy who is sneakily trying to munch on roses and giving me a I-am-innocent look because I caught him in the act…. 


(* reposted from Facebook)

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