A normal day with my puppy

Today was one of those days that I have every now and then – days where I deliberately slow down the pace to take time to observe and capture the antics of my little puppy, days where my puppy doesn’t do something out of the ordinary and behaves himself.

I have a phase where I am not sleeping that well so I am up quite early – much to Jaden’s dismay since he is not an early morning person! I normally come downstairs latest by 6am to find him sleeping on his sofa. The moment he hears or sees me, he buries his head under the cushion pretending to be fast asleep in the hope that I will let him sleep till at least 8am. When Bernd is not traveling, he takes Jaden out for his morning walk. Needless to say,  Jaden only gets off his sofa to go out after an extended session of tummy rubs and armpit kisses (which he loves).

Jaden often brings a stick home from his morning walk and proceeds to brush his teeth with it in the garden while we have breakfast. He normally comes indoors just before we have finished with our breakfast and positions himself on his sofa again, keenly observing us to call him for his breakfast (he eats after us!).

Post breakfast is play, obedience training and nap time. The nap is only interrupted if he hears me getting ready to go out on errands and he always knows when I am going out without him. He then proceeds to follow me around, trying to beg me to take him with me, going so far as to block the front door when he realises that I am not succumbing to his pleading. I normally don’t take him if I am gone only for a few minutes or a couple of hours. Which means that he hears my car when I come back and is waiting impatiently at the door leading to the garden from where he can observe me coming in. He does this without fail, even if I have been gone for only 5 minutes…

If I am at home in the mornings, he insists on following me every where especially if I am in the cellar and doing some washing. He loves to sniff out the washing machine, the dirty clothes when I put them in and the clean clothes when I remove them! He loves to charge up and down before me on the stairs and I have to watch out that I don’t trip over him!!

The time till lunch is also spent napping, begging me to play with him and his stuffed toys or lurking in the garden and trying to observe the neighbours house through the fence… This also happens if I am at home and trying to work on something on my laptop..

Normally I am pretty tired by afternoon and sometimes I take a 10-15 minute afternoon nap. Jaden always senses when I am napping upstairs in my bed and sneaks in to nap with me. Its very amusing since he thinks I don’t hear him trying to creep into bed to lie down next to me. I normally awaken to see him either observing me keenly and waiting for me to get up or I catch him fast asleep oblivious to everything.

Late afternoons is the time we go for a long walk. We have lovely paths around where we live and are often out for well over an hour. Jaden loves to play a round of tag in the garden when we come back, running around and rolling in the grass till he is completely exhausted.

Evenings are quieter since he’s tired. But he’s never too tired to go out with us, although he does tend to get cranky at restaurants or when we go shopping. If we are at home, he is happy to moan and groan around every time he changes the spot where he is lying down and waiting for dinner. Sometimes I brush him in the evenings and if I am at home, its time for another long tummy rub and petting session.

Post dinner is a short play time and then its off to bed again. I tend to get more done in the evenings than in the mornings 🙂
And that in short is a “normal” day with my puppy. Days like these are rare, usually they are filled with much more drama and excitement since my puppy is quite a character … but those stories are the topic for another post or two…

Good night world

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