Lights in the dark

As I had mentioned on Facebook, my father passed away unexpectedly but peacefully at his home in India last week (29th June 2016).  The past week hasn’t been easy, especially since the weeks before had been challenging enough on their own. There were times this past week where I wondered how I would get through it all without completely “losing it”.

My mother and brother on my brother’s arrival 
Since my shoulder surgery was not even a month ago and I am in the midst of physiotherapy and injections to build up the shoulder, my flying to India and being away for more than a week at the moment was not feasible. Flying down for just a day or two between therapist and doctors appointments was an absolute no-no and would have adversely affected the recovery process.
My brother lives in Canada and took the next possible flight down to India to be with my mother and attend the funeral. Not being able to be there during this period with my mother and brother was really difficult for me. As many of you are aware, I am very close to both of them and not being there to support them was really tough.

I am so thankful for every one who stood by my mother and brother in this difficult time – for the neighbours who were there for my mother, for the cousins/aunts/uncles/friends who helped with all practicalities that needed to be taken care of, for the loving arms that held and consoled them, for the people praying for them-the list is endless. My mother and brother were surrounded by a warm and loving support system that carried them through these days (and is still carrying them).

It would be impossible to thank each and every one of my friends and family who called, texted or wrote to me in this post. As I have said before, I don’t have many friends here in Germany since most of them are in Sweden or all over the world. Since I am not allowed to drive myself yet, I am pretty much isolated here. The past week reminded me yet again that Facebook, Whatsapp, Emails and Skype can be such a blessing. I am so thankful for all the loving and encouraging messages, emails and calls that I received – they were my lifeline during this week. Today I would like to thank three special women here in this post.

July 2011: Elmer and myself with Deepti
Thank you Deepti for your love, support, and encouragement, somehow you always sensed when I really “needed” it. It was so wonderful to be able to talk to someone who didn’t assume how I felt just because they had gone through something similar but truly wanted to know how or what I was feeling without passing any judgement whatsoever. You cannot imagine how much that helped me to sort out my own feelings and to give me strength to face what I was going through.

Mummy and Elmer at my fathers freshly dug grave 
I don’t have the words to thank you Nandini – not only for being there for me but for all that you did and do for my mother and my brother. But a special thank you for ensuring that I was there at the funeral by taking pictures, videos and sending them to me within minutes-they gave me the feeling that I wasn’t sitting far away in Munich on Sunday and that I was part of the entire service. I am sure that many must have thought it a bit “weird” since you were constantly taking pictures and videos but you didn’t care and thought only of me sitting here all alone and waiting for each picture. Thank you for arranging for a professional video of the entire ceremony too, so that all who couldn’t be there can be a part of it afterwards.

Thank you for yet again for your thoughtfulness, love and care.


Thank you Nina for spontaneously getting on a plane to be with me this last weekend, to hold me and console me while I cried helplessly, to make me laugh, to remind me that I am not alone and that you are always there for me. Thank you for the precious time together, especially at a time when you have so much going on yourself and you could have used a nice relaxed weekend at home with your family. The time spent with you also gave me the strength to get through the funeral on Sunday. Thank you for your selfless love and for knowing that I needed some physical support too!! You are so precious and one of the biggest blessings in my life!!

A walk along the Isar canal with Nina and Jaden last friday

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