My new Yvone Christa Gingko earrings

I first discovered Yvone Christa jewellery about six years ago when I lived in Stockholm, Sweden. The manager I worked with then wore their pieces and she introduced me to them. I was struck by the delicate, filigree and beautiful workmanship, which was very unique and not really very “swedish” (as I have been told umpteen times when I tell people that the earrings I am wearing are swedish design). I had never seen such beautiful and intricate jewellery in Europe before and the fact that their shop was very close to my office meant that I passed it a number of times. Needless to say, I fell in love with this brand, even more so after I got to know one of the designers personally. Two women are behind the brand Yvone Christa and I love their jewellery not only because it is beautiful but because of the values that these wonderful women have, women I am blessed to have today as friends.  They are not only inspiring and amazing but they are very down-to-earth and genuine…. but that is the topic for another blog. Suffice to say that I practically only wear their pieces today, pieces that make me feel special because of their beauty and because of the special and extraordinary women behind them.

Many of their collections are inspired by nature and one of their latest collection has been inspired by the Gingko Biloba leaf. When Yvonne, one of the designers, told me about it and why she chose this leaf I was captivated. The Gingko tree is one of the oldest trees known to exist (often referred to as a living fossil) and it’s extract is known to have great medicinal value. But what really captivated me was the fact that after the bombing at Hiroshima, all animal and plants within a radius of 1-2km were totally destroyed;  all except for six (some say four) Gingko Biloba trees. Although badly charred they survived, recovered,  were soon healthy again and still stand till this day. This, and the fact that the pieces in the *YC Gingko collection are simply beautiful, made me want to own a piece of this collection.

Since each and every piece of the *YC collection is handmade and unique, it took some DSC_0901time for me to get “my” piece (admittedly, it took me ages to decide which one I wanted since they were all so beautiful). I picked it up on my last visit to Stockholm end of May and wore it for the first time just the other day.

Wearing these earrings has a very symbolic meaning for me – now even more so than before. My life has not been the easiest and I have gone through a lot of hardship and difficulties (and also some lovely times). But none of these disasters has destroyed me completely, they have left their scars and battle wounds but I have always survived and been back on my feet again with an even stronger will to live. To be perfectly honest, I know that I have only “survived and come back stronger” because of my faith that it is God who gives me the strength to pick up the pieces, protects me from total destruction and carries me through till I find my joy and laughter again.

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, the last month has been a real challenge for me – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As I also wrote, I am getting back physically on my feet very fast, much to the astonishment and joy of my surgeon and physiotherapist. So the other day, I decided I had to finally wear my *YC Gingko earrings even if I was “just” going out for a bite to eat at the cafe in the neighbouring village.

Since then I have worn them a couple of times, even to the appointment with the surgeon yesterday when he told me that I could start driving again

My beautiful *YC Gingko earrings
(at least two-three weeks before the initial prognosis). Wearing them reminds me that even if I see destruction, hopelessness, ash and grit around me; even if I feel and am all alone in the middle of another disaster, God is there protecting me; He has a plan and purpose for me; He will ensure that I will survive and in due time blossom and bloom again. Wearing them reminds me that no matter what “calamity” I face, I will come through because God is watching over me, He will help me heal, water and feed me and bring me through to glow again. That He will use what I am going through to maybe bring healing to others, just like the gingko tree does.

My Gingko earrings will have a special place in my *YC collection. I hope that the other women who buy and wear earrings from this collection, see them too as a symbol of hope, healing and faith; that no matter what calamity they face they will not be destroyed but heal and blossom again, that God is there even in the midst of despair and destruction.
I will wear them with pride and my head held high 🙂 They remind me of the beauty and the hope there is in the midst of strife and tribulation!

Happy with my lovely earrings
*YC: Yvone Christa

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