Beauty and hope is all around

Yesterday was one of those crazy days, maybe because it was a Monday. I had some important documents that needed to be read, Jaden (my puppy) was being extremely clingy, Bernd had to be dropped at the airport, some grocery shopping had to be done, I had to make a couple of longer phone calls, I had to write a number of applications and there were two full baskets of clothes that needed to be ironed since quite some time.  So much to do and too few hours to do it all in. Plus I was feeling a bit under the weather and was worried that I was coming down with a  flu.

Before I knew it, it was time to take Jaden out for his evening walk. Since winter is here, it gets dark by around 5pm which means that I have to go out with Jaden latest by 4pm (we are normally out for about an hour in the evenings). I must admit I wasn’t too thrilled since I had finally managed to sit down on the computer an hour after lunch and I could have used the time to finally finish a thing or two. But Jaden was getting impatient and whining to go out.

Am I glad that I went out a bit before 4pm. It was quite cold and crispy outside with a slight wind. When we turned around to go back home, the sun was slowly setting. I managed to catch a stunning sunset that made me stop and catch my breath. We stood there for some time taking in the beautiful hues and it reminded me again that sometimes it helps to take a break from the chaos, to take a deep breath and to just be. Way too often I am so caught up in things that I forget to stop and see the beauty around me. It reminded me that even though I am physically tired, sometimes it helps to go outside and let the fresh air blow away the cobwebs in my mind.

Standing there and watching this glorious display of colours I was acutely aware that God was watching over me, telling me to stop worrying and that if He could paint such a masterpiece, He could definitely take care of my worries and concerns. Suddenly a number of the things that I needed to do didn’t seem that urgent. And I came back home, renewed in spirit to  tackle the things that needed to be done with fresh energy and enthusiasm.

And again I was so thankful for my puppy who “forces” me to take these much needed breaks so that I can stop and see the beauty and hope that is around me.

Jaden however didn’t seem too excited about the sunset, I think he just wanted to go home and back to his sofa 🙂

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