A look behind the scenes of a profile picture :)

The other day I changed my profile picture on Facebook with a picture that Bernd took of me and Jaden. The day before we had gone to the winter market that had opened at the Munich airport (this is actually more of a Christmas market but it is called the winter market because it starts a week before advent begins). Being a Sunday afternoon, it was quite crowded and after some time we decided to go into the shopping area indoors where it was not so crowded. Strolling past the shops we came across a beautiful Christmas tree and Bernd decided it was a great background for a picture. Since a lot of my friends thought my profile picture was really nice especially since Jaden was sitting so obediently in the picture, I decided to write a bit about the challenges of trying to take nice pictures with Jaden.

As  I have often mentioned in my posts on Facebook, Jaden is a very energetic puppy, has a mind of his own and does not like being photographed. So one’s best bet to get a good picture of him is when he is not aware that he is being photographed. If we want him to look into the camera for a picture and pose with him, we have to take at least a series of pictures to get THE perfect picture. So here is what happened till we finally got the picture that I chose for my profile picture 🙂

Getting Jaden to sit was easy enough but when I knelt down next to him, he decided that the floor was a bit slippery so he lay down. To be perfectly fair, he was quite tired too. Jaden doesn’t like crowds much and in addition to walking through the crowds outside, he had had to wait patiently while I stood in a long line to get Bernd and myself some crepes!
So when I got down on my knees next to him to coax/tell him to sit again,  he thought it was the ideal time to get a tummy rub and rolled over onto his back! Admittedly I was feeling a bit sorry for him so I decided to give him a quick tummy rub before coaxing him to sit up.

Since Jaden is quite a big dog (he weighs 42kgs), the sight of him rolling around in ecstasy on the floor, begging for a tummy rub is something that does attract a bit of attention, especially if this happens at an airport where there are a lot of people passing through. dsc_0198

And Jaden was in the mood for a long and extended tummy rub session (for some reason he always decides that extended tummy rubs in public places are much better than those when there are no or few spectators!).
So here was me giving my huge puppy a tummy rub and attracting quite a bit of attention and getting a lot of amused looks.
It was quite embarrassing too because every time I tried to get Jaden to sit up, he decided to roll around a bit more and beg for more tummy rubs. Normally I am quite strict with him but I must admit that I was a bit hesitant to scold him in front of the people watching, especially because they thought he was super cute!! He immediately sensed my hesitation, took full advantage of it, rolled around some more, growling in pleasure much to the fascination of those watching!! Bernd of course was clicking away amused at the show that our puppy was putting on!!

I finally managed to “convince” him to sit up. The next challenge was to get him to look into the camera. Every time Bernd clicked, Jaden managed to get distracted by someone passing by and decided in exactly that moment to give that passerby a charming smile or look!!

I don’t know how many pictures we took with him looking away at the very last moment (I deleted more than a couple!) I finally had to grab him around the neck to keep him from turning his head at the next passerby. We were getting there slowly!


And finally after about what felt like ages (it must have been at least 15-20 minutes!!), we finally managed to get him to look into the camera. I was so proud of him that I gave him a kiss and an extra cuddle. And in that moment, he got distracted by someone else again. Bernd was clicking away all the time and finally it was this picture that I then chose as my profile picture! I realised I would not get a “better” one with so many people passing by and distracting him 🙂

Taking pictures with Jaden is not an easy and quick task but the end result is always worth it! It is definitely very interesting, entertaining and requires a lot of patience. I am glad that Bernd took pictures of the “entire process”, it is quite amusing to see what it took to get that one picture!  And at least this time there were no rabbit or mice or fish or holes-that-had-to-be-dug to distract him (that is the story for another post….)

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