A rainbow on my walk 

So it rained heavily most of the afternoon and around 4pm it stopped. For some reason I decided to take my puppy Jaden out for his evening walk at 4:30pm instead of 6pm like I had originally planned. It turned out to be a good decision since it was dry for an entire hour, the sun came out and I managed to see a beautiful half rainbow. Unfortunately I couldn’t get such a great picture since I only had my phone with me. I returned from my walk/jog at about 6:10pm and it started pouring heavily again at 6:30pm which means that had I gone at 6pm, we would have had a very wet evening walk.

This reminded me to listen more often to that “small inner voice” that prods me to do something other than what I had planned to do. Way too often I am swamped by work and deadlines and I try to find the most suitable time to do something. Working from home can be tricky at times and since I very often have conference calls late in the evening, it’s a challenge to get that hour I need to take Jaden out for a nice walk. Today I didn’t have any evening calls scheduled and thought that it would be a great idea to work through the afternoon and take Jaden out at the end around 6pm. But for some reason at around 4pm I had the feeling that I should take him out earlier. The weather forecast said it wouldn’t rain any more and yet that feeling didn’t go away. And I am glad that I followed that innner voice and went at 4:30pm.

The last months have been very challenging, balancing a new job with ever growing responsibilities isn’t quite easy especially in a company that is huge and growing quickly by the day. There are a number of things going on in my personal life too, most of which are very challenging and not exactly positive in nature. My work-life balance isn’t what it should be at the moment and there are times when I wonder how I can squeeze more hours in a day to get all done.

So I needed to see that rainbow today. A rainbow always reminds me of Gods promise that there will be a beautiful rainbow after every storm and heavy
thundershower in my life. It reminded me that God is always in control of my life and that He has a good plan for me.

The walk this evening showed me once again that I need to listen to His voice and do what He tells me to do, even if it seems “illogical” or “not correctly timed”.  It also reminded me to have the courage to set boundaries more clearly, both professionally and privately.

And it made me even more thankful for my puppy Jaden, who makes me take much needed breaks and shows me some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets when I am out with him. Walks with him are the times that I always take a break from all the businesses of life, when I take in the beauty of nature and am reminded how much I have to be thankful for!

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